Career aptitude test

Aptitude is defined as: One’s inherent or acquired ability to learn; ease in learning or understanding; intelligence.   

Aptitude tests are commonly used during the recruitment process, to provide an indication of how you may perform on the job. The aptitude test examines your work related perceptions, judgement and reasoning.

There is only 1 correct answer per question in an aptitude test, however it is most important how quickly you are able to arrive at the correct answer. You have a limited amount of time to complete the questions, and often only 1 – 5% of the population will actually be able to solve every question in the designated time frame.

So if you are not able to finish, don’t stress. The goal is to complete as many of the questions correctly as you can.

Tip: Don’t rush – be as quick as you can, but make sure you give each question enough time to give yourself a good change of answering it correctly!


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